There are a number of goals I hope to achieve by writing this book.  The title, “In His Image” is taken from Genesis 1:26, “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness.’” The overall theme is based on this verse and this should be regarded as God’s mission or purpose statement.  Everything that subsequently transpires in the biblical account is devoted to God’s purpose of creating human beings in His image. Rather than regarding the first humans, as already in God’s image, I will argue that this is a process that unfolds over the centuries with the critical role of achieving God’s purpose being carried out by God Himself.  It is His desire to not only make us in His image, but also to share the same type of eternal existence that Father, Son and Holy Spirit enjoy with one another. It is, at times, a painful yet fascinating story, not only for humanity, but also for God.

Another goal I hope to achieve is to change one’s impression of God.  It’s popular in today’s world for God to get a bad rap.  Questions about a supposedly good God who allows horrifying evil is a common question that has puzzled both theologians and philosophers for centuries. We will at least look at this difficult question although we may not get a completely satisfactory answer.

My hope is by the end of this series that we will have a more accurate and positive concept of God’s true nature rather than the negative impression one gets as a result of the misconceptions mentioned above. Far from being the God who is far removed from us, or one to be held in dread, we will find He is a loving God who is intimately involved in the life of every human being.  So determined is He to share eternity with each of us, He willingly left His glory in heaven, entered humanity and offered Himself in the place of sinful humanity to satisfy the justice of God. The result of this act of grace means the death penalty for our sins has already been paid.  God no longer holds us guilty, but pardoned sinners.  That ought to be good news for us all, and that is what the word “gospel” means, “good news.”  My hope is that you will also come to regard the Christian story as “good news.”
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About the Author

Gary Regazzoli is a retired pastor and charity director.  His last thirty years of his working life has included, youth ministry, church administration, church pastor and the director of the Australian office of an international medical charity. He lives with his wife Susan on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of eastern ​Australia.